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Senior Front-End Engineer.

Now you can save your private key data in a more fun and secure way. You can save it to an image, yes normal image file. And you can not tell if the image has such a piece of information inside. And more, it’s encrypted.

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Our Tech
Our tech stack is ever evolving and always open to change. For now, here’s what we’re running:

– React:: Our products are built using React. We find the modular nature of react refreshing to develop in. Allowing us to break applications into very small component level pieces which helps us more easily isolate tasks when multiple developers are working in the same code base, helps us better update and extend features, and generally makes the DX much more enjoyable.
– Redux:: We use Redux for application state management. This enables us to centrally track changes in state to the application and adjust the UI based on these changes. Coupled with local component state we find this a very powerful tool in our arsenal and generally like to use it with wrapping HOCs.
– JSS:: JSS is how we style our UI. We find the integration with the component based architecture of React to be incredibly useful. Stylesheets are broken into small fragments that are grouped together with the component they’ll be styling. Ultimately just JavaScript, this means we can dynamically update styles with great ease as well as import and extend code.

Who we’re looking for

Someone who cares:: We don’t want candidates who just see this as a job. You should care about the quality of work you produce. You have to be driven to create something you’re proud to show to others. You have to be willing to work hard and smart.
Someone who owns their work:: A person who goes the extra mile to communicate to intra/cross team members when they feel it’s necessary, calls out things that are concerning, and generally does what’s right for the product and code.
Dedication to craft:: You should be fanatic about the quality of code you write. Efficiency, conciseness, composability, modularity, extensibility, readability are some words that come to mind. If these things matter to you, you’re who were looking for.
High level of skill:: We need an impact player. Someone who can come in and code amazing things quickly, help us move our product along at a higher rate of speed, and be an autonomous contributor when necessary.


3-5+ years experience
Strong knowledge in Javascript fundamentals (ES6 preferred)
Strong experience building production ready applications, specifically in React
Experience with responsive, single page, event driven web applications
Experience with asynchronous data-driven actions
Ability to replicate designs to a pixel and hand write stylesheets in a maintainable fashion
Ability to intuitively animate UI elements via custom CSS animation
Ability to quickly diagnose issues and correct them
Solid grasp of application state vs local state and how these affect UI renders
Data intensive dashboard experience is a huge plus
Skills in: React, Redux, CSS, GIT, NPM, JIRA, Slack

Make it better
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