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Facebook/Amazon SDE Interview

미국 BigTech 인터뷰 공통점 Algorithm 중점 coding interview Design Getting to Know (Behavioral) 인터뷰 순서 (Optional) phone interview with recruiter. First remote coding interview. Onsite interview (4~6 hours with actual members) HR interview First coding interview Screening the candidates Tell me about you Behavioral + Design How to prepare a coding interview Coding

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Tech interview with Google engineer

Hello guys, This is an interview video (from other site) conducted by a Google engineer . In this video, the interviewer ask many questions about handling ‘string’ and try to find the candidate’s knowledge and the way how he’s approaching and solving the problems. The purpose of this kind of interview is to figure out

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If I write again my resume in my mid 40s.

Hi, YouGotInterview Admin, Bruce here. Today I’m gonna write a resume, pretending that I am still in South Korea and trying to apply for a job in the US. I will just point out some big topics, so please apply to your situation and try to write a new resume.

과거 일본 외국계 회사 기술 인터뷰

우연찮게 제가 2008년도에 적었던 글을 다시 마주치게 되었습니다. 제가 일본에서 경험했던 기술 인터뷰 내용을 적었던 글인데요, 그 이후로 시간이 많이 지난 지금 상황을 보면, 인터뷰 기술들이 더 많이 발전한 것 같네요. 직설적으로 말해 더 오랫동안, 기초와 함께 깊은 부분에 대한 지식과 경험을 파악하려고 하는 것 같습니다. 한마디로, 더 어려워졌네요. 하지만, 뭐든 차근차근 준비하시면 노력에 대한

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