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Resume Review Stage

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This is the first stage in the interview process. There can be some differences in the points we value here between USA and your country. Please send your resume and we will review and tell you our frank opinion from ‘hard to understand the point’ to ‘I think you better appeal more about a certain experience’.

There are lot of resume writing services. But it’s better to write special resume for each position and company so it’s better not to depend on that services too often, thinking about your expanses. Professional Resume writers are good for nicer looking resume, but they can not highlight your abilities and experiences, only you can.

So we recommend you to focus on following topics.

  1. Highlight your experience and ability.
    • What technology and knowledge did you use in each company.
    • Not just the position, but also your achievements or problems you solved.
  2. Concrete and searchable proof.
    • Education section is what every body write. Interviewers will be more interested in following information.
    • Your open community activities. (Ex, StackOverflow, Github)
    • Patent records that are searchable in English.
    • App. URL you developed.
    • Other award records.

Once you are done with those important topics, you can go proceed decorate your document. You may want to check those ‘Resume writing’ services or Professionals.

You can apply for the next ‘interview’ sessions if we find your resume is good to go.

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