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HR Interview Stage

Now you can save your private key data in a more fun and secure way. You can save it to an image, yes normal image file. And you can not tell if the image has such a piece of information inside. And more, it’s encrypted.

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Usually in the very beginning or (and) in the end of the interview stage, you will have an interview with HR manager. If you gave good impression to interviewers in earlier sessions, there’s not much thing to worry about this session, because the team members are the key people in the hiring process.

But, some also fail in this session. HR person will try to check your basic qualifications like education, experience, and your Visa status. And in the final stage, HR person will probably like to ask you about the salary and job title. No matter when you encounter this session, this is very different from the technical interview, so please stay focus, don’t make mistakes.

If you are really good engineer but fail in this stage, you will be so much disappointed. Try practice the interview with the real HR person working in the USA.

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