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Basic Interview Stage

Now you can save your private key data in a more fun and secure way. You can save it to an image, yes normal image file. And you can not tell if the image has such a piece of information inside. And more, it’s encrypted.

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In this stage, interviewers will ask you questions based on your resume and your experiences. Once the schedule is decided, you and itnerviewer will conduct interview over the internet.

You could use Google Hangout, Skype, or any other S/W you both agree.

Again, the interview will be about your experience, your knowledge on technology or domain knowledge, and/or simple Brain teaser or Quiz. Usually it takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

You need to pass this stage to get the next ‘Advanced interview’ stage. This is true in real situation. If you fail in the first stage, there’s no other chance. So please do your best.

But please don’t get down if you fail or made some mistakes. No one can judge real you with only an interview. Even interviewers will have their own points they think important, may have different set questions. And maybe the position itself is not proper for you. What’s sure is that the more you try the more you will be prepared for the future.

After the interview, the interviewer will send the report with evaluation on some aspects. As in the Resume review stage, we will tell you our frank opinion like ‘hard to communicate in English’ to ‘I think you better appeal more about a certain experience’, etc.

If we are not able to re-schedule and have to cancel the interview because of our issue, we will refund.

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