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Now you can save your private key data in a more fun and secure way. You can save it to an image, yes normal image file. And you can not tell if the image has such a piece of information inside. And more, it’s encrypted.

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Our aim is to help overseas IT engineers who want to work in the United States by training them by doing ‘mock interview’ or ‘techincal lecture’, or even by teaching them English.

As of now, we’re in 1st stage and we assume our customers are mostly South Korean engineers. And these English pages are mainly for our Interviewers and Mentors, not for our customers.

Our service is divided into ‘Mock Interview Service‘, ‘Mentor Service‘, ‘ESL Class Service‘, ‘Settle Down Support Service‘.

Mock Interview Service

Our Mock Interview Service is to provide the realistic interview experience to the overseas IT engineers who fear the English Interview (in any reason) so that they overcome the fear and well prepared for their real interview.

In our Web Site, you will see Open Positions. These positions are for the imaginary company, ‘_Gamma Intelligence‘. In a parallel univers, this company is much bigger than Apple, Google, Microsoft. And this company is running successful business in IT, Finance, Car, Ship, AiroSpace, Chemical, Construction, etc.

And if the customer finds a position that match his/her work experience, the customer will request for the interview. And our interviewers who are the real IT engineers in the US will conduct the realistic interview for the customer.

Or if the customer wants to apply for a realy company, a real position. The customer can even request us to interview for that real job position. The customer will copy and paste the actual Job Description, and we will find a proper person who has experience and knowledge for that position and math the custmer and that engineer for the mock interview.

Each companies have their own hiring process but basically they review the resume and filter out the candidates, and do a basic interview, do some advanced interview and skill test, and finally have an interview with HR and (or) (future) Team members.

Our interview service has following stages.

  1. Resume review stage.
  2. Basic interview stage.
  3. Advanced interview stage.
  4. Skill test stage.
  5. HR interview stage.

You just need to find an open position listed in our Web site and ‘purchase’ the service product, or send the service request if there is no product yet. Which means, if you want to apply for a position in real world that we don’t have corresponding mock position, please copy & paste the job description when you request the review/interview service. Of course in latter case, it will take some time for us to find proper interviewer who can perform the interview for that position.

The interviewers here are the real engineers who are actually working for their own employers. They will contact you over the internet or any other method at the given time both you and the interviewer agree. We’ll match up the schedule and let you know.

(in ‘Resume review stage’, there’s no interview process. We’ll just review your resume file and let you know the result, suggest the changes.)

Unless there’s a change in the schedule, you will have interview with an interviewer at specified time.

After the interview, interviewer will write a report and we will forward you the report with some translation and comments.

In these days the Tech companies tend to increase the interview stages or interview points. The interviewers here are also hands-on engineers themselves and have very different work experiences and expertise. So they understand your situation and aware that they can not check a person’s possibility with only couple of interviews. So even if you fail, don’t panic. And also if you succeed in the interview, please don’t get too excited.

Of course a lot of interview experience help, but you have limited time and resources. So please do your best in every interview session, don’t give up and march on to your dream.

Mentor Service

If a customer really wants to apply for a position but if he/she lacks a specific skill, then we can find an engineer here who can help the customer by teaching or in any support.

We will hear the customer’s need, and set up a online meeting with the customer and mentor, and provide the service like on-line lecture or telling a story of your experiences, whatever needed.

This will be charged by hourly based, taking a month ot more period to finish. Our aim is to help our customer to finally to the desired level, or let our customers achive whatever they want.

ESL Class for Interview Preparation

The customer needn’t to be a native English speaker nor fluent. Unless the one is so terrible in English, we can understand especially in technical area. With keywords, terminologies for specific job, and with proper sentence structure, we can communicate.

But for some foreign engineers, we need to help them to reach that certain level. We can find ESL teachers here for our customers.

Settle-down Support

If our customer finally succeed to get a job here, there are lot of things to settle down. Finding a good school for their kids, good place to live, their first house, first car here, everything is new to them.

And there are very ridiculously expensive, low quality deals especially new immigrants.

We will find the right thing for our customers, or anything we can help that only the US residence can help.

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