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About ‘_Gamma Intelligence’

Now you can save your private key data in a more fun and secure way. You can save it to an image, yes normal image file. And you can not tell if the image has such a piece of information inside. And more, it’s encrypted.

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We will mention the company ‘_Gamma Intelligence’ for new job position or any other cases. This is not real company, an imaginary company. In the parallel universe where this company exists, they are one of the most biggest and most powerful companies, surpassing Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Tesla. This company has succeed in many business area, salary is good, all employees are happy with their job.

No one knows exactly about the founder but it is told that he was born in Tennessee, USA as a son of poor farmer. He was fascinated by the computer programming in his childhood but did not stand out till his 20s. But one of his S/W made a big hit and it was his first chance to make a goo fortune for his later businesses. His business grew big and he stretched his interest in Game, Stock, Security, Shopping, Cars, Ships, Airlines, and Space. Most of his business made a good success and now people say his company runs the whole world.

This company is always looking for good employees to help their success. Please take the chance. Of course, this is not real. Only in parallel universe.

We wish your success for your venture.

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